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Ryan's Case for Smiles

helping kids feel better to heal better

Donation drop offs until December 15th.

What is Ryan's Case for Smiles?

Ryan’s Case for Smiles is a charity organization that donates sewn pillowcases to children in hospital. Many chronically ill and recovering children spend the holidays in the hospital and the joy a themed or brightly coloured pillowcase can bring is immense. A child’s favourite superhero, Santa Claus, their favourite animal, or colour can inspire bravery, happiness, and a welcome break from the sterile colours of the hospital. 

Ryan’s Case for Smiles was created for every kid so they can experience a spark of joy during their stay at the hospital!

What kind of fabric can I use to sew pillowcases?

  • Fabric needs to be 100% cotton. Please do not use fabric with glitter or metallics.
  • Remember to use fun, colourful novelty prints! (Holiday themed, winter themed, and child prints! These pillowcases can be used year round too! Pillowcases for teenage boys and girls are always needed).
  • We do not accept ‘No-sew pillowcases’. 
  • Please avoid accessory pieces like buttons, or appliques that may come loose and pose a choking hazard for smaller children

Donation guidelines

Due to COVID-19 restrictions at our partner hospitals, at this time, we are asking for pillowcase donations to not be laundered and bagged when donated to our chapters.

It is important to wash the fabric before sewing the pillowcases, please do not use scented detergent or dryer sheets. Washing the fabrics before donation also helps avoid the seams ripping, fraying, colour bleeding, or tears.

To donate holiday themed pillowcases, donations need to be in by November 25th.

For regular, novelty, or non-themed pillowcases, donations need to be in by December 15th.

Fabric Suggestions
Marvel Comic Hero Toss
Marvel Comic Hero Toss - Quilt Cotton
Snowy Weather Flannel
Snowy Weather Flannel - 100% Cotton
Mod Cats - Quilt Cotton
One of a Kind
One of a Kind - Quilt Cotton

Drop off instructions

Wash pillowcases in unscented detergent, iron, and place in a quart or gallon ziplock bag. Please make sure all pins are removed and the pillowcases are sewn properly. Fabricana is accepting Flannel pillowcases at this time. Please note, lower quality Flannels do not always last multiple washes, especially in industrial hospital washing machines. Be sure to select high quality flannel if you are sewing your pillowcases from flannel.

Drop-off bins will be located by the front entrance.

Drop off location

Fabricana Richmond 
110 – 4591 Garden City Rd Richmond, BC V6X 2K4, Canada.

During regular store hours (Monday-Sunday).

Drop off location

Fabricana Coquitlam 
1348 United Blvd Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Y2, Canada.

During regular store hours (Monday-Sunday).

How to sew a pillowcase

Fabricana has a free tutorial on how to sew a pillowcase! This easy, no pattern method allows you to use up to three different fabrics to create a colourful, and unique pillowcase. Our novelty pillowcase tutorial is able to be used by anyone all year round!

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