I love seeing homemade accessories, and one of the cutest accessories I’ve been seeing lately is fabric earrings! Home made, crocheted, sewn, fringe galore earrings! But every store, online-shop or otherwise, are selling them for way too much. You can make super cute earrings for you and your friends out of your scrap fabric! It’s a simple and unique way to show off a spark of style with any outfit. 

What you’ll need:

  1. Scrap fabric of any colour or pattern (minimum 8 inches) (trim, or cut offs are acceptable to)
  2. Matching or contrasting thread
  3. Spray adhesive (we’re using 505 Temporary Adhesive, fabric friendly and easy to remove)
  4. Fabric marker (do not use wash away, we’re not washing this project)
  5. Earring Hoops / Earring Base (this can be any shape, you just need something to clasp the hook onto. You can purchase these from craft stores, or make your own using wire)
  6. Earring Clasp/Hook 
  7. Scissors
  8. Pliers 

Step by Step instructions:

Step 1.  Take your scrap fabric and arrange it in a style you like. I used 4 different fabrics from earlier projects this month. Check to see how you want your earring to orientate. It’s best to choose a stable fabric as the “base” and then add fabric on top of it as shown.

Make 4 fabric bases. 

Step 2. Lay down some scrap paper, or other none fabric base. This might get some adhesive on it, so make sure it’s something you don’t want back! Spray your “base” fabric with the adhesive and then gently place your accent fabrics on top of it. Careful not to touch the fabric too much, your fingers will get sticky. 

I found it best to work with a shape larger than what your finished product should be so you have lots of room to work.

Step 3. Take your fabric to the sewing machine after the adhesive has been covered. 505 adhesive should not stick to your needles or pressure foot, but be sure not to drench the adhesive on the fabric just in case.
Sew your pieces together. I wanted to make a unique pattern with my thread and did a top stitching technique. You might want to hide your sewing, but obvious stitches look good too!

Step 4. Take the base of your earring and draw slightly outside its shape onto your fabric. I chose to do it on both sides since my fabric marker erases with a magic tip! 

Step 5. Take two of your fabric bases and sandwich them together with the right sides facing in. Stitch the circles together along the lines you’ve traced on your fabric from your earring base. Making sure to leave a 1” hole at the top of your earring. 

Step 6. Trim away excess fabric, and turn right side out. 

Step 7. You may want to iron your fabric flat at this step, depending on the fabric used. Next, take your earring base and gently work it inside of the “pocket” you have created. We used a circle and it fit in easily!

Step 8. Slip stitch the top of the earring closed with a matching thread. Be certain you do not cover the “loop” at the top of your earring. 

Step 9. Add your hook and any other required accessories to the earring. Use pliers to secure it tightly. 

And just like that you’re done! Now you have some truly unique, and wonderful earrings to show off. You can add fringe to the bottom by hand stitching along the seam, or leave them as is. I think these turned out super cute, and are a great way to add the perfect matching earring look to a unique outfit you’ve shown up. You can even make your own unique earring bases with malleable wire to get a truly special look. Share with us what you made!