6 Different Ways to Finish a Seam Without a Serger (Part 1)

Here is part one of our 3 part series showing 6 different ways to finish a seam without a serger. 

This video shows how to do a French seam and a flat felled seam. Please note for this video the measurements we give are based on a 5/8" seam allowance. 

French Seam


Make a Bikini Bathing Suit, No Serger Required Pt. 2: The Top

For this video we used Kwik Sew pattern number 3239.
1) To keep the lining from showing on the outside of the bikini top it’s a good idea to trim the lining piece slightly smaller than the outside piece. Here’s how to do that: overlay the outside piece on top of your lining piece (right-sides together) offsetting the piece by about 1/4” or 6mm from the bottom. Pin in place along this bottom edge and trim off the excess lining. 

Make a Bikini Bathing Suit, No Serger Required Pt. 1: The Bottoms

For this video we used Kwik Sew pattern number 3239.

Tips for Selecting and Preparing Knit Fabrics

In this video Myles talks about how to identify different types of knit fabrics as well as how to get your knit fabric on-grain (untwisted) before cutting our your project. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming series on making a bikini swimsuit on a regular sewing machine. Part one will be a pair of bikini bottoms.


Tablet Cover (works for Kindle or iPad)

This beginner friendly project is made from durable wool melton cloth and a combination of 4 cotton prints that you can use to express your personality. This long lasting essential can be used daily and also makes a great gift!


Cutting Open a Buttonhole

Ever try to cut open a buttonhole with a small pair of scissors or even a stitch ripper? While this works for some people, a buttonhole opener is the best tool for the job.  Here are the steps to cutting open buttonholes with this tool.



How to Sew on a Button



  • Threaded Needle
  • Straight Pin
  • Button
  • Marking Tool



How to Insert an Invisible Zipper

Install the perfect invisible zipper from start to finish.
Inserting an invisible zipper doesn't have to be intimidating! We hope once you watch this video, you'll have more confidence and you'll trying sewing in an invisible zipper.
Please note, for demonstration purposes, we used contrast thread and a contrast zipper. For your project, you will want to use thread and a zipper that matches your fabric.

How to shop at a fabric store

Denise Wild leads a tour through Fabricana Imports highlighting each department and the products and services they offer. For more information about Fabricana, visit StudioFabricana.com or Fabricana.com or call Richmond 604-273-5316 or Coquitlam 604-524-5454.


How to Create a Multi-layer Applique Block

We have provided this tutorial to show how a layered applique goes together. We are demonstrating this technique with the “New Brunswick” block from the Cantik Batik Mystery Block Program. For more information about the Mystery Block program, see the bottom of the description or contact us askus@fabricana.com.

We suggest reading through all pattern instructions before completing this project.

Extra Supplies Needed: